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Inspiring Interviews - Cammila 

I grab inspiration from all over, places, objects, art, clothing, and people. I wanted to share with you a series of interviews from people who inspire me.

 First up!


Cammila is a fellow Michgander and beautiful fashionista. Her blog, Dressed up like a Lady highlights her upbeat and fun life. I love her wonderful mix of modern and vintage clothes. She has an amazing sense of personal style and such a fun personality. So naturally I had to interview her. She is definitely an inspiration!
1. What does your typical day look like?

Every day of the week has its own brand of craziness, so here's a composite sketch:
7:30AM: The alarm goes off, and MC has to drag me out of bed like a sack of potatoes.
8:00AM: We get ourselves presentable, get my stepdaughter dressed, and get some breakfast in her tummy.
9:00AM: We drop my step-daughter off at school, there's a flurry of hugs, "I love you!'s" and "See you tomorrow!"'s
9:30AM: We head to work, and on the way we stop off at Zingerman's Coffee Co., where we load up on caffeine, say hi to our friends, and take some blog pictures outside.
10AM-7PM: We both work at our respective desks, taking occasional breaks to eat some fruit and gossip, send each other segments of our writing to style edit, or IM each other cool music, promising movie trailers, stylish photos, or wedding ideas.
7:00PM: We go home, wash greens, make salad dressing, and throw together the other stuff we prepped in advance (chopped celery, red pepper, cucumber, radishes, pumpkin seeds, fresh olives, chickpea walnut burgers, etc.) and eat dinner.
8:00PM: We speed off to band practice a 1/2 mile away at our studio space, and run tunes with The Canastas.
10:00PM: We head home and take care of tomorrow's business like putting away laundry, doing dishes, setting up more home renovation plans, picking out tomorrow's outfit, etc.
11:00PM: We relax! (See answer to question 8)
1:30AM: (realistically): We get in bed, I burrow into what I call the Nook, and MC reads to me for about 20 minutes (best way to get a troubled sleeper like me to simmer down and not keep us up all night).
2:00AM: The light goes out and we happily sleep until we can do it all again tomorrow. :)

2. Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

Vintage magazines! We have a HUGE stack of old magazines spanning from the 20's to the 90's -- Vogue, Seventeen, LIFE, Playboy, you name it -- and they're all bursting with Post-it notes I've used to mark inspirational looks.

3. What other hobbies do you have besides collecting wonderful pieces for your amazing wardrobe?

BEING BUSY! Above all else, I'm hyperactive -- which is helpful when you love doing many, many things! I have a passion for nutrition and food, so I adore making delicious plant based dishes and I love vegan baking. I also love dancing and playing with my step daughter, singing in every corner of the house, and scavenging flea markets for antiques. And there are also those "hobbies" that you're often too busy to do anything but talk about! I love wrenching and cars, history, economics, and political analysis, art and photography, music and movies -- but on an average night, MC and I just read and talk about those things together in lieu of rebuilding engines or writing op-eds for the Wall Street Journal. ;)

4. Being a singer in you own band, who do you most look up to in the music community?

There's a truly kickass musical hero of mine named Nick Curran, an Austin, TX based musician who plays SCREAMIN' jump blues, rockabilly, and roots rock. He's got an incredible voice, plays a sweet guitar, and he's a totally independent artist. You'd never guess that a 30-something year old, skinny white guy could play such rip tearing old school R&B! What's really crazy is that he developed  oral cancer in 2010, and had to undergo intense treatment -- completely financed through the help and support of his fans. He now has some arm tats that say "Fuck Cancer." You can't argue with that! 


5. How excited are you to be a homeowner now? do you have any big plans for remodeling?

VERY excited! Owning a house -- let alone a historical house (built in 1927) feels like a huge blessing. We do have many plans for remodeling, mostly to showcase the house's existing beauty! It's a Craftsman style home, full of dark wood accents and trim, and we'd like to do things like scrape off the "popcorn ceiling" in the living room, repaint the crown moldings in their original white, get rid of the Pergo floor in the kitchen and take it down to the floorboards, and makeover the bathrooms with 1920's style tile.

6. Do have a favorite article of clothing? if so, what is it and why?

Impossible! I am too schizophrenic about what look I want for what day; 50's full skirt and cardigan one day, 70's platforms and booty shorts the next! How about I give a sentimental answer? My Jeffrey Campbell gold tone 4.5 in. birdcage heels make me very happy. And not just because they go with everything, but because before MC and I started dating, before we'd even confessed our feelings to each other, I ALWAYS noticed him staring at my feet whenever I'd wear them!

7. You have a wonderful complexion, Do you have a beauty ritual that you follow daily?

Well aren't you sweet! The answer here might be "good lighting," which is always flattering in photos! ;D Aside from that, my main beauty regimen is eating lots and lots of dark, leafy greens like spinach, chard, and kale every day in salads and smoothies. My skin definitely improved by leaps and bounds a few years ago, when I made that the main part of my diet. :)

8. What do you do to unwind at the end of a long day?

MC and I usually take a breather at the end of the night by watching a movie, flipping through fashion magazines together, taking a bath, baking cookies, talking talking talking, getting frisky (*wink*wink*), etc.



Want to know more? follow her on her lovely blog! Dressed Up Like A Lady

and check out her band The Canastas on Facebook.



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Reader Comments (2)

I'm so honored that you let me participate in this! I hope you and baby Logan are doing wonderfully. :)

April 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCammila

Great interview. I've never heard of Nick Curran, and loved that video.

April 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFlying Purple Hippos

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